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Fasting God's Way - The Complete Package

Fasting God's Way - The Complete Package
Fasting God's Way - The Complete Package
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This fasting package consists of 3 audio files containing 150 minutes of teaching, as well as an informative eBook on the subject of fasting God's way.

Fasting is part of the arsenal of spiritual weapons the believer possesses.  Fasting is abstaining from food or an indulgence for several purposes, including: to center yourself, to humble yourself, to strengthen your commitment to and connection with God, to hear more clearly from God, to receive an increase of the supply of the Holy Spirit, to experience deliverance from evil influences, to receive directions and answers from God, etc.  

Using Isaiah 58:6, this teaching illuminates in greater detail the purpose of fasting and gives guidance on how you can implement this powerful tool.  Your heart motive is more important than the type or duration of a fast. Listen, learn, and cause yokes and hindrances in your life to be broken.

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