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Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 5, 2014
Praise God! I am thankful to report our prayers have been answered. The mortgage company has dismissed its foreclosure proceedings against our home and my home mortgage has been reduced in Jesus name to an affordable rate. Praise God! Thank you Jesus and thank you body of Christ for your prayers. God bless you! Amen.
D N. Post
November 19, 2013
I just want to give my Almighty God and King of Heaven all praise in the name of his son Jesus Christ who is the light of the world. Some weeks ago I started feeling a discomfort in my left side which eventually turned to tenderness then mild pain. This pain then radiated into my lower abdomen and then I started experiencing similar discomfort in my right side also. I was so afraid for my health but given my past experiences with medical doctors I just didn't want to there. So one Sabbath evening while worshiping with my parents I told them of my trouble and the three of us prayed together for my healing. That night I had a dream that I was at the market purchasing and eating the largest red grapes I had ever seen. So after the Sabbath was over I did just that. I spent the next 10 days eating all the red grapes I could stomach and by my Heavenly Fathers unfailing grace through Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour, all pain and discomfort are now gone. Bless the Lord! And so I want to glorify my God and exalt him above he Heavens for hearing our prayers and for his divine healing. Glory to God in the Highest! through Jesus Christ his son who is the Lord of Hosts! Amen.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
October 28, 2013
I Thank God for keeping my utilities on for me and my kids, and for blessing us with food and shelter. I know this seem like simple things, but for us it's like winning the lottery. We don't have much of anything, but God keeps making a way, and we are grateful. Thank you Lord!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 13, 2013
Praise God because he IS WORTHY to be praised. I got up this morning when a beautiful young mother, a sorority sister, did not. She was killed in a wreck on Sunday and it could have been me. Everyday I live and any day could be my last but GOD keeps me. SO I praise him. I have had some real issues here at my home, but GOD watches over them even when I'm gone. He showed me that yesterday. I was gone and it came and I didn't even know anything had happened until last night because what did happen was no big problem. GOD fixed it before it was even broken, and that's what he does every time I ask. PRAISE YOU GOD. Fill me with FAITH and continue to work on the things I have prayed for. Please fill me with faith and heal my family. Take away my worry and cover every inch of this place Lord. PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME. GOD! Amen
Anonymous Anonymous Post
May 2, 2013
I just want to take time to thank God for his mercy. God has really blessed me. I lost a baby in October to SIDS. He was 5 months old. I thought I would lose so much more after that, but God is restoring my life. My relationship is stronger, God's still there for me fixing things everyday, and I am going to have another baby this September. Thank you lord for all of your blessings. You have never let me fall. I have had set-back after set-back, but you have blessed me with resiliency and your support. For anybody who doesn't know, he'll do the same for you...All you have to do is ask and believe. Thank you lord.
Gat C. Post
April 11, 2013
I praise and thank God for the Great Deliverance He has given me. I'm now able to be responsible and help others. Praise God! I thank God for His protections, healings, deliverances and grace upon me and my family. Praise God!
Gat C. Post
February 14, 2013
Dear God I Thank And Praise You For Returning The Finances That Should Not Have Been Taken From Me. The Doors Were Tight But You Made A Way In And Ensured That My Funds Were Returned. I Praise And Thank You For Your Love And Restoration. Praise God!
Gat C. Post
February 2, 2013
I thank and praise God because He prevents me from high blood pressure, heart problems or other health failures. My blood pressure was high this week. I kept trying to order food online. Each time my internet window would close. I finally realized the Holy Ghost was protecting me from increasing my blood pressure. Praise God. Another time I ordered hot sauce and the restaurant forgot to put the hot sauce on the food. I then again realized it was the Holy Spirit protecting me. Another time the restaurant made a mistake and put hot sauce on the food without my request. The Holy Spirit moved the restaurant manager to realize my "plain" food order and to remake the order "plain" without me ever asking him to do so. Praise God!!! I praise God because my health was failing and I needed time off from work. I prayed that I didnt loose my job. I was told that "things are slow" and my hours have been reduced. Although I need the money I also need Quality time with God. That's when my health and energy are at its best. God always provides my NEEDS and my bills are being paid. Praise God. I know with a certainty that He will take care of whatever is a NEED (Matthew 6:25-34). Praise God! Bless His Holy Name!!! I praise God that He broke the barrier of the legal matter that wrongly confronted me! Prasie God! The Truth Has Come Out!!! Praise God!!! I praise God for the health, favor, protection and blessings upon me and my family! I praise God for possessions and maintenance. I praise God that He never leaves me nor forsakes me even though I fail Him often! Praise God. Thank The Lord! Bless The Lord O My Soul!! Hallelujah! Bless The Holy Name Of My Lord And Savior (And Eternal Father-Isaiah 9:6) Jesus Christ!!!
Gat C. Post
January 13, 2013
I was using an electric hair razor when I felt the blade cut into my ear. I felt the razor cut the flesh but stop. I immediately pulled the razor back. I looked at my ear waiting to see bleeding. To my amazement there was no blood. Praise God! God protected me from a serious cut. Bless His Holy Name!!!
Gat C. Post
January 12, 2013
I thank and praise God for my neighbors. I began bringing their newspapers and their curbed garbage cans up to their door step when they were out of town. They have began to leave their side light on all night which helps protect my car. I thank and praise God because He solved pertinent issues at my job. I thank and praise God because the flu was trying to invade me. I was in pain. I kept praying and placing holy oil on myself (trusting in the Lord). Eventually all pain left me and my strength began to return. I praise and thank God because no matter how "evil" world news becomes and how dark things appear. God is always the Light that shines in the Presence of Jesus Christ. I thank and praise God for hearing and seeing all my concerns and helping in all things. I praise God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost! Praise God!!!
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