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Anonymous Anonymous Post
June 8, 2011
I ask that I be helped throughout my life. I am in need of a new job so that I can help to support my 8 month old son. I am a first time mom, but I am not a first timer when it comes to the lord. I ask that he provide for me because I am down and out. Money is a issue and so is providing for my family. Please pray for me because I need that help. Even though I pray alone it would help if I received help for you to pray for me.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
May 19, 2011
Thank you for agreeing with me that ABBA Father would allow 2011 be the year of restoration, restoring, uncommon favor, extra mercy, extra grace, maturity, growth and rising up to do the purposes of Elohim. I stand in need of a break through. IAM IAM thank you for destroying the spirit of delay, debt, lack, containment, unhealthy relationships, and denial. Thank you please
EL-ELYON for the uncommon supernatural favor, year of breakthroughs, divine connections, restoration, fresh start, favor with upper management, uncommon finances, wisdom, discernment, fresh anointing, prosperity, excellent health, spiritual promotions, career promotions, unusual miracles, elevations, new beginning and the purposes of God to over take me.

Thank you in advance for standing in agreement with me. It is power in prayer of agreement. May ABBA Father continue to bless you, your ministry and family. I look forward to sending you many praise reports. This is an urgent prayer request. Expect with me.
makeida j. Post
May 5, 2011
Father I'm seeking you and Pray you will enter my life and my home and fix everything that is broken. I am a sinner and I ask that you take control of my life and make me a better person in your Image. I ask that you protect and keep me strong thru my battles and I ask that you continue to walk with me and guide me in the path you have chosen for me. I ask all these things in the name of Jesus. Lord protect my family, friends, and loved ones that they may have peace and your guidance. In Jesus Name. Amen!!!!
Fiona S. Post
March 30, 2011
I need prayer for deth cancellation and for my family to move closer to GOD
I lost my eldest brother to AIDS in 2009 and in 2010 my second eldest brother found out that he has AIDS my family and specially my parents are still dealing with this in there own way but to make matters wors last week my 3rd eldest brother got sick and was admitted to hospital and than we found out that he has AIDS too.I need prayer for my family to deal with this matter and a Healing to fall over there lives
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 22, 2011
My son is a young man of God. He needs for God favor to rule in and on his behalf and that his name will not be tarnished in this situation and he will be found innocent. He is only 14 and has talked about suicide because of this incident. Please pray that God will favor him and he is found innocent and all charges will be dismissed and ruled out. SM
Gloria H. Post
March 15, 2011
please pray for me for my feet and congested chest. I am a child of God here in Africa. My name is Gloria. Pray for the root cause of all this to be uprooted in the name of Jesus.
Caroline S. Post
March 14, 2011
My name is Caroline. I am going through series of tests for multiple lumps in my breasts.I have an ultra sound tomorrow. The doctors are scarring me too much. I am not trusting these earthly doctors. My hope is on the Sovereign Lord. Please pray for my healing, closer walk with Jesus and also pray that I need to focus only on Christ not on my problems. I believe that God will use this situation for His glory.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 14, 2011
Our Pastor is looking for free accommodation. He serves as volunteer Pastor in our small church. He has limited income and also he is a student in a seminary. He and his family (wife and two kids)need a place to stay. I am hoping our Jehovah Jireh will meet all his needs.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 12, 2011
I'm asking for prayer for my body to healed from diabetes,asthma,high blood pressure and to give me strength to walk again in Jesus name.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 11, 2011
The doctor diagnosed me with Stage IV breast cancer. I'm having a follow-up CT Scan on Monday, Mar 14 and please agree with me in prayer that it will show no signs of lesions, tumors, or nodules and that I'm cancer free and will remain that way forever. To God be the glory.
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