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Anonymous Anonymous Post
November 16, 2010
Good morning,
Pleae help me pray for my mother Rosa Armas. She is 65 years old and is being sue by one of her tenants. They are alleging that my mother has verbablly abused them and are asking fro 8,000.00 in other for them to leave the premesis. My mother was staked by these individual who practice witchcraft. We've filed a TRO order and went to court on the 9th of november and the judge rule on their favor. These individuals have criminal record (assault to tenant, sexually assault, sexual harrassment and much more). The judge did not allow my mother to defend herself nor he allowed my mother's attorney to present all the evidences he had against these individuals. We have a hearing on 11/22/10 at 9:00. Please pray that GOD will give us the victory we need.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
October 21, 2010

This is the first time I have done anything of this sort, so please forgive me for being so open. Please take the time and pray for me in a few ways. I finished college almost a year ago and struggle with finding that employment that will allow me to pay for bills. I work for DCPS as an educational aide and have been treated horribly by my administration since the first day of school. Through it all I thank God for my church going prayer warriors that I work with. I do not make enough money at this time to live paycheck to pay check and I know you may here this a lot due the economy today. I believe God and always have, but I am asking for others to step in and pray for deliverance from stress and health issues. Today I went home and saw that I will be facing eviction on the weekend of the 28 and 29th of this month. The property manager called me and informed me that she needs the rent money. I am only able to pay half now and then must save the other 200 dollars to put towards my car deductable from a car accident. On top of all of this I have been having several health problems and unable to go to clinics because in Virginia they are not free and with no insurance things become complicated. My fiance' had a wonderful job for three months then his boss told him he had hours then took them back and for one month he has been unemployed. We are asking for a new church home since we moved here from Norfolk. Thank you for reading and all that pray for me during this time.

Seth M. Post
October 18, 2010
Please pray that God will heal my appetite. Pray that I'll have a good, full, healthy appetite for good food. Pray that I'll get the right food, make it right and eat healthy. Pray for strength and focus, because I'm feeling weary and somewhat fatigued, and pray that God will guide me these days, from morning to night, that I'll do what I should, as He leads. Pray for discipline. Pray that I'll organize my room, and that I'll clean whatever needs to be cleaned in the apartment, and clean out the fridge. Pray that God will bless a new friendship I have, and draw us very close, and deeply in love.
Seth M. Post
October 13, 2010
I've written up a 2 page prayer request that's very important. I feel like in an effort to bring clarity and make things right, I've gotten my life and my friendships entangled in a mess that I need God to sort out. Please pray that God will straighten what's been twisted, that He'll bring truth to me and everyone around instead of confusion, that He'll bring love and forgiveness and trustand joy into me and these friendships, that He'll bring me and these friends close again, and that He'll bring hope, wisdom, light, and His love into all of this. Pray that we'll love and like eachother more deeply. Also, pray that God will powerfully, fully answer everything I asked for in that 2 page prayer request. Thanks. --Seth.
Sydna C. Post
October 12, 2010
Please pray for Ebonie Prince who was in a terrible accident on Thursday evening. She was hit by a Tahoe truck while crossing the street in Cheverly, Md. Her right femur bone was broken and her spinal cord was severed. She is now paralyzed from the waist down. She is awake and is off the ventilator so she is slowly talking. I am asking for your prayers for her and especially for her mental health. Thank you.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
October 4, 2010
Please pray for me.
L T. Post
October 4, 2010
Grace and Peace,

I ask for your prayers that God will intervene and cause the judge to discern the truth as me and my husband go to court for a divorce. He filed for divorce and stated that he left the home because of my vicious and cruel conduct that made it impossible for him to remain in the marriage and he feared for his safety and health. God knows that I have never physically, verbally, mentally or emotionally harmed my husband in all our time together. It has actually been the opposite. I have sought to protect him (and now know that I ultimately enabled him), to my own harm (I had kept silent about it, but told him that he needed to get help for his challenges). He actually left the marriage mentally and emotionally years before he physically left and had been seeking an excuse to leave the marriage. He finally came out and stated that he didn't want to be married. However because of his status in the church he was reluctant of using that as the reason. I have since sought counseling for myself and have taken responsibility for my part in the failed marriage. He has been in denial about his issues and refused help from counseling (the few times that he went he would shut it down once they started talking about his challenges so they were never able to address them). I believe that God has given me the release to move on from this situation. I'm not sure how to respond to the lies that he has used for the grounds for the divorce. I'm praying that God will give me the wisdom and insight in this matter.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
October 2, 2010
Please pray for my physical healing. I recently had surgery for one problem, and now am having issues in a related area (a rectal fissure). It is extremely painful. Extremely. I pray for total healing. Thank you.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
September 30, 2010
Praise the Lord Saints,

Please join in prayer with me for my youngest three year old daughter. She had been wrongfully taken from her Norfolk,VA home and family on July 14th. She is now in the state of N.Y. were I have not been able to see her. My court ordered visits have been unlawfully blocked. I have several court dates ahead, I am praying for her safe return. She was placed with a convicted robbery felon in a one bedroom apt who has been reported of child abuse, there is an investigation going on. She came from a loving stable family who resides in a five bedroom home. The GAL who favored him, recommended this very traumatic change and then blocked my visits. My prayers are for all my children especially the youngest who is away from everybody and everything familiar to her.

Thank you your sister in Christ

Seth M. Post
September 26, 2010
I really need your prayers for a lot of things that I can't really go into. I've just written the prayer request out on two sheets of paper. Please pray that God will fully, powerfully answer everything on those sheets.
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