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Cecilia C. Post
September 7, 2016
Please pray fervently for my father, Caleb Joshua Peachey, as well as the rest of our family. Our Mother, Bertha went to Heaven on Monday 9/5/16 at 8:20 pm. My parent's were a month away from celebrating their 60th year of wedded bliss. We're so happy for Mom, but heartbroken ourselves. Thank you.


Cecilia Peachey Cressent
Kimberly S. Post
September 5, 2016
Please pray for healing in our relationships with others and with our finances.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 21, 2016
Please pray for the severing of ties of my mother - demonic spirt and unbeliever. I feel like I am being choked and my heart is being twisted out. She is demanding me and every time I see her calamity happens in my life. I am 56 now and don't have the energy or the strenght to keep starting my life over and over and over again.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 13, 2016
Please partner with me in prayer that I should get back on my feet after being bedridden since January 2016, due to leg weakness and numbness caused by back spine pain.I have to go back to work and provide for my family.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
June 23, 2016
Please pray for me as I take a closer walk with God. Also pray for my husband to understand and accept where God is taking me. I ask for prayer for my daughter,sons and their family. Continued prayer for this ministry.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
June 16, 2016
Please pray for me to do the will of our heavely father. The devil stole my marriage 14 years ago, until now I have not been able to find a life partner. Please pray for God to let my chosen life partner find me. I also need prayer for God to deal as He pleases with adversaries on my job. Thank you
Anonymous Anonymous Post
June 11, 2016
Praise be to GOD. Please pray that my lungs are healthy and cancer free and will not need treatment or medicine. Cancel dry up and go to the nothingness you came from and never take root again in Jesus name.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 6, 2016
Please pray for my 2 brothers. my youngest brother, Lloyd, has pancreatic cancer. My other brother, John, he has congested heart failure. Please pray for my Grand daughter, Shelby and her husband, they are burying their 4 mo olg baby boy, Nova! Parse God for his mercy and goodness to me!
Jeff R. Post
February 10, 2016
Jeff R. Please pray that God will give me divine favor in my relationships and finances and let me get married to a Godly wife this year!
Jon S. Post
January 21, 2016
My wife, (Sandy) left me back on November 14th, 2015 when her very promiscuous daughter, (Jessica) delivered an illegitimate baby. Sandy has moved into Jessica's basement and is sleeping with another man while we are still married.
Sandy is surrounded by people who support her poor choices also.
I have been in constant prayer and believe that God can restore this marriage. "all things are possible with God"

My request is for the miracle of marriage restoration and that God will soften and convict Sandy's heart to reconcile this marriage and not go through with divorce. Also that God fill this marriage with His favor.
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