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Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 11, 2013
Please pray with me for family restoration.My husband name is David my children name is Sarah Sharon Shareen
Roque R. Post
July 24, 2013
Please pray for healing of my health and to have good health.

Please pray for the infilling of the Holy spirit in me.
rebecca s. Post
May 3, 2013
please pray with me..Thankyou Lord that the kingdom of Heaven is here now and all hearts and minds are now changed. Your love and joy overflows into our world now. All people and creatures live in peace now. All people are now falling in love with Jesus more and more everyday. Your loving angels are all around the world now. The meek now inherit the earth. In Jesus name..Amen
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 21, 2013
Please pray that my wife be delivered from childhood issues dealing with terrible step fathers and her biological father being absent. It has caused extreme hardship all throughout our marraige and recently it has caused my wife to have an affair on me with a minister she friended on Facebook. Please pray for her deliverance and for the restoration of our marriage.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 11, 2013
Please pray for good health for me. Please pray that my spine does not require surgery and that I do not have any form of cancer. In Jesus' name, Amen.
Thank you.
Brock B. Post
March 30, 2013
My name is Brock Bieber and I am asking if you could agree with me in
prayer and stand with me against the enemy who has already been
defeated. I know that I know that I am healed by Jesus Stripes and
have a solid grasp of the healing teachings as far as walking in
obedience, submitting to God completely, speaking forth only what God
says, and operating in 100% confidence that God has already answered
my prayer. Please stand with me that his promise is a physical reality in my life.
Audrey M. Post
March 19, 2013
Please pray for me I need to pay water bill soon. Also I need healing with my eyes.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 9, 2013
My wife needs deliverance from evil foreboding and clamour, division, idolatry and pride. It is very strong on her and has cause insurmountalbe damage in our 20 year union. Recently, she seriously attempted to divorce me to start dating a minister she friended on Facebook two months ago. Thank God that did not prosper! BUt now more than ever, we need prayer for restoration and healing of our marriage. My wife also needs prayer concerning her relationship with the Lord. She needs Him now more than ever! And please pray for a divine intervention from the Lord for me. Ive battled this for 20 years and we really need intervention to stop what's going on. Thank you.
michelle t. Post
February 27, 2013
Nay R. Post
February 3, 2013
Could you say a prayer for my triplet sister Faye dean Knight she is a cancer patient now in hospital in Charlotte nc at CMC main going for a biopsy in the morning to see what is growing out of her head she has been battling cancer since March 6 2012. Doctor said if the cancer was inside her head come out we got to talk can't do another surgery.. I know God can heal her she has faith and so do I and my triplet sister naye dean my name is Maude dean
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