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Torree W. Post
December 16, 2011
Rev., Steele, I just met a colleague of yours and a mighty man in Christ Brian Lederer. I promised him that I would look you up. I am interested in learning more about your ministries. Pray for me, the devil is a liar and I stand on the word of GOD!!! I would like to come to one of your services, please respond, I need a the word of good to surround me.
Be Blessed!!
Kelli D. Post
December 2, 2011
God blessed my with a great promotion on August 1, 2011. I supervise 17 people and two of them are giving me such problems.I am trying to walk in love but when they don't do their work I have to do it and that is a big problem because I already have so much to do. I have tried to ignore it and that didn't work. I have gone to HR and they want me to try to work with them--that is a problem because this has been going on for several months.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
November 29, 2011
Please pray for my divorce, the mortgage fraud that no one seems to address, and that I can keep my house. my husband got a power of attorney to have our home refinanced, forged my signature and now he is divorcing me. I pray for favor in finding a good attorney for the fraud. No one seems to want to help.
God is good and still on the throne and I believe recompense is mine.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
November 2, 2011
Please pray for my family. I desire unity to be restored into our family. God has blessed us down through the years but division has crept its way in. Unfortunately my brother and sister n law are going through a separation and it is getting ugly with animosity between the children. The son has even gotten physical with his mother out of the anger and bitterness from the separation. Please pray a special prayer for my brother to have a restored relationship with Christ.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
September 23, 2011
Please pray for Royce, Robert Cox , and his family. He needs the favor and blessings of God. They go to court soon, wisdom & favor for the attorneys, and return to full employment. Also Prayer for Jeanne's job and finances, Judy, Leigh finances, Alyce school, Allen B housing, Shay employment & finances , Sharon’s health & Family, Deidre, Tim, Brianna & Lamar marriage, Keisha, and, Taylor job, Tosha return to church, Louie & brothers and sisters & family, A Benson, M Bellin, Kenny jr. addictions, R Brandes, sister Alberta C. provision, and for everyone’s finances and the Blessings of God. For ECC members & their Pastor, and the building situation & struggles, also praying for deliverance for every enemy being used to destroy the saints of God. Brother Boe’s job, also Brother J. Young’s, Anisa, & Ricky W. health. Prayer for Naomi Richardson who just had a stroke, and is not doing well.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 30, 2011
All I ask is true conversion and committment for my mother and I to Christ as we feel this is what we truly want in our hearts. If we have him he said that all else will follow so.. I's rather ask for that than anything else... Thanks L. Jackson and M. Jackson
Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 25, 2011
i'm asking for your prayer because i feel down in my spirit. i want to be close to god but when i open my mouth to praise, worship and get intimate with him, words fail me and i go blank. when i pray i feel nothing, i feel empty as if god is not present.i felt really frustrated today, all i did was cry and cry and cry, because i want to walk with god, but it seems difficult. i wake in the morning and i have nothing much to say to god even though there is much to be said. so please remember me in your prayer. glory and the highest praise continue to go out to god.
Bill J. Post
August 8, 2011
Please lift up in prayer Ecclesia members and their Pastor, and the decisions about the building move. Pray that God will protect with a hedge of protection, provide, and guide, make whole & deliver this ministry in every way, and the enemies’ assignment would be cancelled.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 6, 2011
Greetings in the mighty name of our lord Jesus Christ and i greet the Holy Spirit that will direct you and me in this prayer request .can you stand in agreement with me ,i need GOD's FAVOR on my life ,i need Favor for people to like me .I need favor off SPIRITUAL BLESSING,i need FAVOR to be VICTORIOUS in Jesus Name . i am very prayful as well please this is an urgent request in Jesus Name. THanks
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 29, 2011
Please pray for my family and me. I have been working at a church school for a number of years as an assistant teacher teacher. When I started, I had only my high school diploma. Since then, I have earned my Associates Degree and finishing in a couple weeks my Bachelors Degree and will start my Master's this August. I am a single mom with my youngest in college now.I do have and have not ever had any benefits on this job, which I call my work on earth a ministry. I barely make fifteen thousand a year. I return tithes/offerings, but believed I need the family of God to pray that God blesses me and my family with favor on this job. I had to have surgery earlier this year and did not have insurance. I have many medical bills to pay. I need insurance for my youngest as well. May you please pray that I get year round pay. For all the years, I have been at this job, I have not been paid during the summer. I ask you to pray that God shows my family and I His divine favor. I do not know what to do! Blessings on you all!
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