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Bill J. Post
August 8, 2011
Please lift up in prayer Ecclesia members and their Pastor, and the decisions about the building move. Pray that God will protect with a hedge of protection, provide, and guide, make whole & deliver this ministry in every way, and the enemies’ assignment would be cancelled.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 6, 2011
Greetings in the mighty name of our lord Jesus Christ and i greet the Holy Spirit that will direct you and me in this prayer request .can you stand in agreement with me ,i need GOD's FAVOR on my life ,i need Favor for people to like me .I need favor off SPIRITUAL BLESSING,i need FAVOR to be VICTORIOUS in Jesus Name . i am very prayful as well please this is an urgent request in Jesus Name. THanks
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 29, 2011
Please pray for my family and me. I have been working at a church school for a number of years as an assistant teacher teacher. When I started, I had only my high school diploma. Since then, I have earned my Associates Degree and finishing in a couple weeks my Bachelors Degree and will start my Master's this August. I am a single mom with my youngest in college now.I do have and have not ever had any benefits on this job, which I call my work on earth a ministry. I barely make fifteen thousand a year. I return tithes/offerings, but believed I need the family of God to pray that God blesses me and my family with favor on this job. I had to have surgery earlier this year and did not have insurance. I have many medical bills to pay. I need insurance for my youngest as well. May you please pray that I get year round pay. For all the years, I have been at this job, I have not been paid during the summer. I ask you to pray that God shows my family and I His divine favor. I do not know what to do! Blessings on you all!
sony m. Post
July 25, 2011
.Dear heavenly father,pls bless my husband vinod with a good business oppurtunity and your blessings so that he prospers and flourishes-this i ask in the name of our lord and saviour jesus christ.amen.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 25, 2011
Dear god, in the name of jesus,pls take away all the production, quality, and labour problems from our ceramic factory-savannah.this factory is not doing well.pls bless this company so that it prospers and flourishes with your blessings.thankyou.
Kelli D. Post
July 8, 2011
Please pray for me that my fiance and me will get married soon and start our family. Thank you
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 2, 2011
Would you please pray for my aunt who has breast cancer, Rhoda Jen, Lisa, my friend Mia who is brokenhearted, my friend Adam, my friend Mira who is suffering from inner demons and depression, my aunt who was a child of her own, my grandmother’s friend for an upcoming surgery, for my dad who is under a lot of stress, for the world and nature people, and also for God to grant favor on my very own miracle request (God knows what I am searching for). I’m in a great relationship with a man named Aaron, my Aaron.. He’s an amazing guy and I could see myself having a lifetime with him. Happy together. And I believe in it because it seems so real to me. It’s all I ever truly want. I repent of all my sins and will do anything to retrieve that wish/ this miracle. Eventually falling in love (it takes time), marriage (in the future), kids, and just being each other’s best friends, students, teachers and lovers to the end(eventually mates and parents to our children). To accept each other's pet peeves and just find them endearing. To change for the better and become good people because of each other. To be patient with each other, genuinely care and compassionate for each other, be the best for each other (effort) respect each other, grow to be good people with the help of each other, never take advantage of each other, take each other for granted (never), forgive each other and resolve (our) problems, comfort each other, laugh with each other, be open to each other, honesty, trust, trustworthy, to have our potential love to grow and nurture, our interest in each other to prosper and nurture, faithful to each other, to have an open hearted and opened minded relationship, to accept/ understand each other, and to have a bond and connection that is emotional, mental, and physical. To always be mature (in our friendship and relationship). To be appreciative of each other. To learn everyday and grow on each other more. To just have a long and lasting happy relationship. I ache for him to be my soulmate, to be the One God has given to me. I saw a sign actually. Mature always. Loving, compassionate, and caring. To have sweeter, deeper, and passionate relationship everyday. Saw Spiderman on Broadway and the relationship reminded me of ours and they overcome all obstacles. Each time I doubt it seems God is telling me to have faith. I just want us to always fall in love always. Day by day, always. Just be mature always with each other. Be accepting, understanding, and appreciative. Always will be there for each other and if we fight we will always maintain our love and compassion. I believe in this and have faith. I promise to serve with God forever if this is granted. Read the bible. Be involved with the church and our kids to be involved. Be more outgoing and understand and accept my fellow man. Forgive me for all my sins. I don’t deserve this much happiness. Do many people are suffering. Please, please always pray for them. Always. No one should be forgotten or alone. To take things slowly and get to know each other. To for each other and of each other. Amen Please give us strength in this relationship, that we get stronger and more loving. We communicate more with each other, just spend more time. Amen! I believe! Please pray for us that we will get stronger in our feelings for each other. I feel we could be soul-mates ^^ please let it be. Amen For nowI just want to get closer to him. Appreciate each other. Make time for each other. Communicate more. Connect always. Just become a great couple by knowing each other and having our relationship, love, trust, openness, faithfulness, interest, and other virtues to grow. I have seen signs, really I have. J At least I believe they are signs from God. I want to be his soulmates, I want to have true love and I chose him. Aaron, my Aaron. To have long lasting and happy relationship. Be open in mind and heart always (connect). And it seems God has brought favor on us. Its amazing, each time I doubt something happens to make me believe in it. To just have a long and lasting happy relationship. For us to be destined for each other J I believe in this and have faith. Thank you so much and God bless. P.S. I repent all my sins and I ask for forgiveness. I abide by him always, and I truly love him. I’m eternally grateful. Please pray he will grant favor. God bless. World peace always. Please let everyone receive his or her miracle. Big or small. God is about miracles and everything is possible. It will happen.I also want to be positive and just accept I'm not perfect. Amen:) I believe in God this will happen. I have faith, and love him so much. I know this will happen.:) Pray for me that I ill remain positive, hopeful, smiling, happy
Anonymous Anonymous Post
June 26, 2011
Please Pray for me that this horrible civil federal court case against me is dropped. Their attorneys are four in number and are working against me constantly. Please pray that these mighty attorneys that are against me will fall. They are very arrogant and mean.
Kenneth R. R. Post
June 24, 2011
Praying for wisdom(1 Kings 3:3& II Chron 1:10) in order to lead God's people at Union Bethel Christian Church(UBCC) and in the Body of Christ as God leads. Revelation knowledge (Deut 29:29) into the Word of God - to teach (II Tim 2:15) & preach with power and authority (Matt 7:29). To have a closer and more intimate walk with the Lord (Ps 119:133). To be a blessing to the Body of Christ (I Cor 12:1-18) as I am gifted and anointed by the Lord. I pray for favor (Proverbs 12:2 & Luke 2:52) in all areas my personal life (Proverbs 18:22) and overall ministry, especially as I minister in the position of pastor of the Union Bethel Christian Church. Father declutter my life of things and people that are not good for me and bless me with total restoration according to Psalm 23. I pray to prosper and be in health, even as my soul prospers......and pray for the PEACE OF JERUSALEM (Psalm 122:6) and of all Israel!!! In Jesus' name.....AMEN!!!!!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
June 23, 2011
Pray for salvation, protection and guidance for husband Brian me and san Barry, Roger, laura-lee and girlfriends Catriona and Megan. Pray that my 80 yr old christain Mum will be well again. Thank you.
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