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CTake the Limits Off! - Downloadable  mp3 - Click To Enlarge
Take the Limits Off! - Downloadable mp3
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In this 3-part series we explore the challenge faced by many believers:  limitation.  While many believers generally understand that God is all-powerful, some believers try to limit the power of God as it relates to them.  When some believers look at their personal situations, there is a tendency to view God as less than omnipotent.  Some doubt God's ability to deliver, to rescue, or to otherwise change their situations.  Some forget or disregard past victories, chalking it up to luck, or fate, or happenstance.

In this message you will discover how to get rid of lowered expectations and small thinking.  You will discern how to take the limits off God.  Why continue to live a second-class life, when God has a first-class plan for your life?


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